Universe Without End

  1. The universe is incessantly starting (rebirth) towards a never-ending goal.

  2. The root of the universe is the aggregation of higher dimensional consciousness. There is no beginning, endless, and nothing is stationary in a universe that is forever evolving, improving, and expanding.

  3. The infinite universe. There is no 'end' in the Universe. There is no 'nothingness.' Absolute and perfect 'consciousness' exists.

  4. The universe is full of energy with a will. Nothing is stationary in an ever-evolving, improving, expanding universe.

  5. The universe is a 'collection of thoughts.' It is a place of activity of thought energy.

  6. The time of human life in this universe is so short that it is not even the blink of an eye.

  7. There is no perfect freedom in this universe. We gain liberty by having the 'responsibility' to abide by definite rules.

  8. The universe is made up of 'responsibility.' However, humanity does not take responsibility.

  9. The purpose of our life is 'unceasing and eternal progress'.

  10. To 'live' is to evolve, to move forward, to strive upwards (growth of consciousness).

  11. Humans can develop themselves by 'learning.'. Human beings exist to learn. Every day must be a life of learning, Otherwise it is meaningless.

  12. There is joy in the effort to improve oneself, and the joy never ends.

  13. When you focus your awareness on raising your consciousness, you find that everything else is meaningless.

  14. By confronting the hardships we face by learning to overcome them from the crucible of suffering and by striving to raise ourselves to immortal existence, humanity must forever evolve and improve.

  15. Do what for the growth of human consciousness. Do you have the absolute awareness, responsibility, and willpower to achieve high goals? If you are half-hearted, you will soon fall short. Have strong willpower to let one's soul grow, even if only slightly.

  16. Life is a series of passing moments. Man must move forward forever, must ascend (grow) upward. To stay there is to stop the growth of one's soul.

  17. Determination to grow, willpower to do it, awareness and responsibility.

  18. Humans can go on forever and grow forever. They can go as high as they want, and human beings can grow as far as they want.

  19. Once you've experienced a mistake, don't repeat it. Once we learn, we move on.

  20. Without consciousness, human is merely a machine.

  21. For the soul to achieve a certain level of growth, it must undergo a great deal of hardship. However, if one has a sense of purpose to develop the soul, he does not feel difficulties painful.

  22. In life, what hinders the growth of the soul and consciousness is 'deceiving oneself' or 'cheating oneself.'

  23. If humans could live a life of effort to raise their consciousness, then the problems and suffering he faces would be solved and disappear at once. Human beings live the opposite way.

  24. There is always joy in serious living(raising consciousness). Serious living every moment is full of pleasure.

  25. Humans exist to learn from our mistakes and correct them. How much can we make right our own and humanity's mistakes? That is our purpose and learning task on earth.

  26. Fully understand and unconditionally accept everything that happens to you. Any experience can be a temporary springboard for your internal growth.

  27. Unless one escapes the dimension of cause and effect, one establishes one's true self.

  28. Every experience becomes a lesson for the human soul to grow, and everything is training for a stronger soul.

  29. Each moment, humans must focus all their attention solely on growing their consciousness. A fierce battle with oneself continues.

  30. To live each moment seriously means to judge the situation at that moment and place with accuracy and precision. And to act according to the correct order of priority. Those who can do this will be 'professionals in life,' and those who cannot remain 'amateurs in life.

  31. When one's 'consciousness' is raised to the point where one can come out from the three-dimensional world in which one exists, then and only then can the 'soul' and 'body' (emotional thinking) reach true joy.

  32. One continues to betray one's soul from the moment one wakes up until the moment one falls asleep.

  33. The "status quo way of life" brings only the worst results. There is no future in maintaining the status quo.

  34. The greatest sin in this world is ignorance. Ignorance leads to further sins in words and actions.

  35. Some too many people pretend to be good men. Good people who just say and never stand for acting nothing are no point in existing. I don't want a good person who just talks.

  36. Do not give off negative thoughts. Do not focus your attention on meaningless things. Speak only words of joy.

  37. When you look at things with a twisted mind, you cannot see the truth, and you end up tormenting yourself and destroying yourself.

  38. There are an infinite number of answers. However, the answer can only be based on a person's level of consciousness. The answer is not wrong, but it is not correct either.

  39. Most people see what is convenient for them as truth, and inconvenient things are evil or false.

  40. The truth that a person tells is through his filter, not true.

  41. Confidence, responsibility, consciousness - even if one lacks, no one accomplishes anything.

  42. Until your consciousness expands to the size of the universe, you will not be able to see or hear anything. You remain ignorant.

  43. There is no answer saying this is the answer. The more we grow (improve and evolve our consciousness), the more we will find the answer according to our level of consciousness.

  44. No one can obtain the final answer or the absolute answer. Therefore, man can grow eternally. There is no end to the growth of human consciousness.

  45. No answer that says this is the answer. If you grow, you will get the answer as you grow.

  46. The 'convincing answer' or 'correct answer' is true in this stage(dimension), but in the next stage(dimension), they are already past answers before they are correct or incorrect.

  47. That answer is just too low for those who have grown up(already raised consciousness). It is the answer already passed away, not the correct answer in the present moment.

  48. Have the willpower to be self-aware as soon as possible. You cannot be responsible because you are not self-aware. Because you don't have a responsibility, you don't and cannot grow. You can't learn anything from experience.

  49. Absolute confidence' is the basic principle. Lacking self-confidence, we imitate others.

  50. Many people are anxious because they do not have their own unique goals. They do not set their high purpose in life.

  51. Almost people are doing all kinds of things that hinder the growth of their own soul.

  52. Do not doubt yourself. Humans always live with doubt.

  53. The paths created by others cannot raise "consciousness". You have to make your own path and move forward on your own.

  54. Knowledge is not to learn. It is only something to know. But people want to know things that are meaningless even if they do know them.

  55. Which dimension do you react to the things around you? If you are elevating yourself, you will naturally make reaction to higher things, and if you are lowering yourself, you will react to lower things.

  56. There is no place(reason) on this earth where is no reason. There is a definite 'reason' for everything.

  57. The absurd experience itself has meaning, and we don't need a rationale for it. There is no need we convince. What we can understand depends on the degree of growth (level of consciousness) we have achieved through the experience. If you know the answer first, you have no reason to exist.

  58. Humans are not doing what their souls wish. They are hindering the growth of their souls.

  59. Because you are putting your emotional thoughts first, you cannot produce results in the present moment.

  60. Ask yourself - You get the best answers when you ask yourself the best questions.

  61. Human beings avoid difficulties that would result in the growth of their souls. They want freedom without pain.

  62. Face your past. Face your past. You caused all. You have to look at it. Learn from the past and change the way you live.

  63. Thoughts are energy. They are there to express.

  64. Creativity through thought energy - the Originate of Energy

  65. With the best thoughts, we can create our best selves. However, all human beings create their lowest selves. It is because most of us are always destructive thoughts.

  66. If we can control our emotions, we can use our thoughts correctly. Anxiety is an emotional thought, and joy is also the same.

  67. Use and master your thoughts only to increase your consciousness. If you able to use the highest thought energy, everything you do will be the best.

  68. Remove impurities from your thoughts.

  69. Stop saying words for your own emotional satisfaction, knowing that in the end the situation will not change.

  70. When a person understands the magnificence and horror of his thoughts and feelings, his wave instantly changes. When you take responsibility for your thoughts, your destiny will change.

  71. Genuine thoughts do not undermine you. Do not be deceived by the 'fake thoughts' that surround you.

  72. Negative and positive emotional thoughts constantly overlap in human life. What emotional thoughts do we choose to live with?

  73. It is difficult for humans to live only with pure thoughts, but we can reduce those dirty thoughts, even if only a little.

  74. The negative (destructive) emotional thought energy emitted by humans is the same as radioactivity. It is the most dreadful thing.

  75. If you control your (emotionaljthoughts, your destiny will surely changeB

  76. Without thoughts, human beings can not exist, and nothing would be born(created).

  77. Thoughts are like knives. The one who uses it is responsible for it.

  78. Declare to yourself that only the thoughts at the highest level of consciousness are your thoughts.

  79. The thoughts of the higher level of consciousness desire the growth of the soul.

  80. Take full responsibility for your emotional thoughts. If you can do this, your destiny will change.

  81. The universe is a mirror of emotional thoughts. They always come back to you. The emotional thoughts that you have emitted will come back to you many times over. They travel around the universe and come back to you..

  82. Emotional thoughts run through the universe. Though you emit run through the universe, accumulate, and eventually return to you. Your destiny is made a fool of by what you sent.

  83. No matter what kind of hardship you go through, your soul will not be hurt. It is the emotions and the body that are damaged.

  84. We stay in this place because we cannot control our emotional thoughts. Those who cannot control their emotional thoughts will never graduate from this material world.

  85. Thoughts exist to embody.

  86. If we can control our emotions, we can use our thoughts correctly.

  87. Those whose daily thoughts are constantly wavering can never achieve results. Only those who win the epic battle with their thoughts will have the best destiny.

  88. Most humans are just going around in circles at the same level. They can't even get one step above the other.

  89. In whatever case, strong willpower accomplishes anything.

  90. Fight against self. Fight what is toxic to one's soul. Strengthen the ability to monitor one's self thoroughly.

  91. Most people do not even think about 'the growth of consciousness' or 'growth of the soul.' No one even tries to know and understand the meaning of their existence and their purposes of existence.

  92. While consciousness is low, the state of consciousness is constantly changing. Consciousness is not a fixed state. But once the level of consciousness rises, it never goes down from this stage. That allows for endless growth of consciousness.

  93. When humans raise their consciousness, they will never be interested in matters meaningless. Humans will understand that everything has no meaning in this three-dimensional world. Those who general public think the meaningless thing is the most important, the most worthwhile, the most valuable thing in life.

  94. The higher humans' consciousness, the less they react to meaningless things (people). The higher their consciousness, the more they can instantly judge what they must react to and what they must not react to.

  95. After an incredibly long and arduous life cycle of human being comes to know and understand the meaning and purpose of his existence. And he realizes it according to the stage of his consciousness. At that time, it becomes the starting line for the growth of the person's soul.

  96. When your soul is ready, you will live your real life.

  97. All that exists is the growth of one's consciousness and soul constantly improving.

  98. There is no need for unnecessary worry, no need for extreme joy, and no need for extreme sadness. Things will unfold according to one's level of awareness.

  99. You reap what you sow, good or bad.

  100. Even the evil that one intentionally conceals in life will one day be brought forward and exposed in a way that one cannot imagine.

  101. How do we change(raise) awareness? Stop what you must stop. Just stop. Discard what you have. Just throw it away. That's all there is to it.

  102. Reflection is not about blaming and judging oneself, nor is it about regret.

  103. A moment's awareness (instant reflection) changes the way you live. Change the course of your destiny.

  104. Everything is in front of us. If you want to know, you can find anything by yourself.

  105. What do we learn? What have we learned?@What you have experienced once, the mistakes you have made, will not be repeated. That is what learning means.

  106. Perceive 'mistakes' as a step toward human growth.

  107. Joy and sorrow are two sides of the same coin. Sadness allows us to experience joy.

  108. Many people live to escape their fate. How to take the easy way out and live an easy life is their life's purpose. At the same time, such people like their current life. They like to complain. They don't want to escape from their current life, that life of complaining.

  109. You were not born to escape the realities you face. You exist to face challenges, and your life exists. Live in the 'now' that is always present. You only have 'today.'

  110. 'Ignorant philanthropy' is a dangerous practice. Yet people don't understand it at all. On the contrary, they think it's the best thing to do.

  111. Good intentions out of ignorance create a chain of evil. If helping that person now will lead to the growth of that person's soul, then it makes sense to help, but most of the help will retard the growth of that person's soul.

  112. There should be a help to prevent the same thing from happening again, but good intentions out of ignorance can scrape off a person's ability to learn.

  113. This three-dimensional world, the place called Earth, is unfinished. The purpose of human beings is to graduate from this dimension they are and move on to the next one. It is a never-ending process.

  114. People react to things they don't need, and they react to only imposters (fake) imitations. It is no meaning to be in the first class in this virtual world. It is enough to have a real thing of a higher dimension.

  115. People who are unable to discern the truth will be interested in and participate in activities that look good and are only designed for the immediate future. They are not interested in activities that are more truthful, unspectacular and time-consuming.

  116. No matter what, you always have to look at things in totality (as a whole) to know what is ahead.

  117. Before you say the words, read ahead to see what the situation will be like after you tell them.

  118. Justice without power is powerless and easily defeated by evil.

  119. A single word can give an infinite number of interpretations. Words have an unlimited range of meanings. However, people with a narrow frontage can only make biased and narrow interpretations.

  120. Once you stop defending yourself and defending yourself, your destiny will change instantly.

  121. Do not say unnecessary words. Do not speak poisonous words.

  122. Always look at yourself dispassionately. Strengthen self-observation skills. It is of utmost importance to view oneself calmly and objectively.

  123. The shortest course of soul growth - do not be fooled by the traps of thought.

  124. Humans are simultaneously a mighty receiver and transmitter. It means that they receives and transmits without distinction between good and evil.

  125. What a scientifically proved is conversely suspicious. People are vulnerable to the words 'scientifically proven.' What level of science is it? There are an infinite number of 'levels of science.'

  126. Screen and eliminate information that hinders the growth of one's consciousness. Do not react to any meaningless information from the outside. Eventually, they will respond only to information that leads to the progress and improvement of their consciousness.

  127. Be an intelligent, good person. People so-called 'good person' in the general public has no intelligence.

  128. People who cannot take action complain about everything. They do nothing, so they deceive themselves by opposing.

  129. The more words you use to escape reality, the more people will come. That is religion.

  130. There is nothing dirtier than truth wrapped in hypocrisy. There is no truth in the causes that religious people, religious organizations, and charitable organizations put on the front page.

  131. Whatever book whosoever writes, the moment he finishes it, it is already a thing of the past. It is merely a reference to that time of that era. We must not stand still.

  132. Religions push peace and love to the forefront. These are only nice-sounding words without any concrete substance, but people are easily fooled and drawn into such things.

  133. Those who don't understand the meaning of the existence of good and evil shout loudly for world peace and love. They are a hypocrite.

  134. It is the religious and hypocrites who wish for 'peace' without soul growth, 7peace' that is just talking, and 'peace' that is fake.

  135. Love, peace, forgiveness, honesty, reflection, good and evil. These are words in the thought system of the terminal world. We are just playing with words.

  136. Everybody longs for "peace. No one who insists on "peace" can explain what kind of peace they mean. Many people do not even know what peace means, and the peace that people describe is only a vague wish like a "pie in the sky."

  137. Most people do not understand the meaning of 'peace' at all. Peace is neither an end nor a means. If human consciousness is raised and their egos removed, true peace will come as a result.

  138. The words 'love' and 'peace' are deep. These words are not easy to use, but hypocrites use them whenever.

  139. Hypocrites get drunk on words. It's easiest to be drunk on words. They are just playing with words.

  140. He can pretend to be a good person because he is a hypocrite. I can play the good guy.

  141. Most people's lives are unplanned plans, and their starting point is hypocrisy. Life begins with hypocrisy, and life ends with hypocrisy.

  142. In the three-dimensional world on Earth, the compensation for labor is money, but in the higher worlds, that one for consciousness growth is soul evolution.

  143. There is a critical difference between 'unresponsive' and 'indifferent.' Humans need to be unresponsive to the nonsense that undermines us. But we must not be indifferent to raising the consciousness of humanity.

  144. Humans have responded only to meaninglessness and have cherished only meaninglessness.

  145. Human beings live in meaningless happiness, meaningless suffering, and meaningless misery.

  146. When the energy of 'evil thoughts' emitted by human beings sums up, it has a destructive power comparable to 'nuclear energy. Unless the 'thoughts' themselves, which each human being emits 24 hours a day, are enhanced, and unless they purify by higher consciousness, their energy will be the energy of destruction.

  147. People who do not face reality and think only of escape will put away as absurd what is not good for them. They think only of escape. Such people cannot grow their souls.

  148. People who can not take responsibility for their own words and actions show irresponsibility in their unconscious attitudes and actions in the words they unconsciously utter.

  149. The logic that does not lead to practice is meaningless.

  150. The lack of results means that we are still running on theory only and not practice.

  151. Regret or remorse for past experiences exists only as a reference to avoid repeating the same mistakes twice, not to blame or resent oneself or others.

  152. When humans must change their destinies, the thoughts they have been putting forth prevent them from doing so.

  153. If you don't reach a level of consciousness from which you will never return, you will play backgammon games again and again.

  154. There is no point in prolonging a life like that of backgammon (a meaningless, back-and-forth life). You cannot grow if you do not recognise your weaknesses and overcome them.

  155. Be a person who can say that only one experience of enjoyment, sadness, and suffering in a human's life is enough. He will graduate from this place after one time experience.

  156. To hurry means eliminating all waste.

  157. This world is a battle between "light" and "darkness."

  158. The vision a person has will determine his life.

  159. No matter how right he is, what is his emotional state? Where (at what level) are the emotional thoughts coming from?

  160. We need look at things as a whole and give answers as a whole.

  161. There are an infinite number of answers. However, a human can only lead to the answer at the level of his consciousness.

  162. People cannot understand the meaning of their existence without a comparative object.

  163. People are always anxious because they do not have their own unique goals.

  164. The human mind is swirling with doubt, anxiety, and jealousy.

  165. Human beings will never truly understand what it means to say that neither time nor space inherently exists (or does not exist). Time and space themselves cannot understand.

  166. 'Change' and 'evolution' have different dimensions. 'Change' only moves sideways, while 'evolution' goes up and never comes back.

  167. Can you create something positive for the whole life form? Can you create something positive for the growth of the soul?

  168. Awakening to duty and responsibility is the first step.

  169. It is not easy to get out of the situation you are facing now with understanding. However, if you can understand, your destiny can change instantly.

  170. Humans is in a trap of thoughts from the moment he wakes up. The day begins and ends without whether it is an idea from a higher dimension, thinking that he has produced, or thought from a trap.

  171. Humans repeat the same thing until the time limit comes.

  172. Human beings have played too much. Too long.

  173. As many as nearly 100% of us live in a 24-hour thought trap.

  174. There is nothing to be learned from 'entertainment,' which is the trap that stops the growth of humans.

  175. It takes a long time to grow consciousness to the point where 'entertainment' becomes painful.

  176. What will you leave behind, and what will you choose to learn in your growing program? .

  177. Learn, experience and do.

  178. People believe what is convenient for them. When a fate that is even slightly unfavorable to them comes their way, they instantly start doubting,

  179. The problems we face in life are 'one passing point' on the way to growing to a higher level.

  180. Human beings finally will realize that the purpose of their life is to "raise consciousness" and that the path of their life is a never-ending evolutionary process in which, once he has reached the top of one peak, they can see the next peak.

  181. A seed is planted in the dark soil, where it develops sufficient strength to burst forth into life. In the same way, people are placed on this dark earth (the three-dimensional world) beforehand to accumulate experience and strength as human beings to eventually burst into spiritual life. However, we do not know this when we are suffering. Only later, when they look back on their past, do they realise this. Do not judge life only on the basis of the moment.

  182. Suffering in life is also an experience for the soul to ascend, and when the soul transcends its sorrow and suffering, its spiritual strength is strengthened.

  183. Every hardship, obstacle, disadvantage, and sorrow is a test for one's soul. He overcomes them, and his soul is purified, strengthened, deepened, and more grow.

  184. Everything in life can be used for the growth of the soul. The more difficulties the soul has to face, the stronger and bigger the soul becomes. Character is tested by adversity, and the soul gains strength through tears and sadness.

  185. No one can match a person who has dedicated his entire life to the "growth of his soul.

  186. Whether to live in the joy, to grow, evolve, and improve forever, or to live in the pain of falling to any extent, it is humanity's free will.



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