Freedom and Responsibility

Human beings have been living having the desire to be rich and live happily. They have sought material affluence, freedom, and emotional satisfaction, and they sacrificed many things on earth. Still, we want to enrich our lives more in the material world.

As a result of our continued pursuit of material prosperity, we are now encountering problems for the planet and humankind. But people put material desire and joys first. Enjoying life is the basis of life and has always been a top priority for human beings. In addition, many people make their interests a top priority.

They always want to make their lives more convenient. They are the basis of their lives. Therefore, the purpose of their lives is to obtain material wealth with the highest priority.

Whatever they want, whatever they choose, and whatever their aim is for in their life, it is 'freedom' in all things. And there is 'freedom to choose' in all kinds of things.

They think that the state of freedom that they choose lasts forever. It's also free to think so. However, people should remember the 'freedom' that they choose always comes the result that must be taken responsibility for, no matter how trivial. The fate they face now is the result of 'freedom of choice.' Even if they become in such status, their way of life doesn't change. In the end, they must take all responsibilities.

The result in life is the fruit of the seeds they sowed, and they have the duty and responsibility to reap. If they sow good seeds, they will become ears of rice that bear fruit of many times greater joy and hope, and they will be able to mow them.

Cause and Result

Technology on the earth has made tremendous progress in recent years. In many fields, each has made great strides and enriched human life. There is no doubt that they have made efforts using most of our humanity's brains, and made progress, then what about the human side?

Did human beings make progress? Human progress is, of course, internal and mental. Unfortunately, there is no evolution or improvement of humans' spirit or consciousness, and it can say that human beings have no intention or effort to grow and progress. Still now.

None of humanity has made any real effort. All struggle, toil, work hard, and live lives overcoming tribulations and hardships", but they do not live each moment seriously. 'We may work hard, realize the goals and dreams we have drawn up, and achieve results, but this is hardly a real result. There is an absolute difference between 'hard work (to maintain or improve one's life, to achieve one's goals, to realize one's desires)' and 'earnestness (striving to lead each moment to a higher level of oneself).'

If their goals or dreams are for their benefit, their glory will not last long. Sooner or later, they will lose everything that is meaningless wealth, success, and privilege will disappear like bubbles.

The reality is that many people in the world want to increase the 'knowledge' that decorates their surface, but they cannot even feel the faint scent of 'intelligence' that should be inside, so we cannot expect a bright future for humankind.

No matter how they have a lot of knowledge, are superior in technology, competent, or be excellent, they do not necessarily have intellect. Even if persons have labels of 'first-class' on them, their 'intelligence' is not high. Rather no intelligence. He has only a strong desire to show off himself and a sense of superiority.

Just because anyone has a lot of knowledge, it does not mean that they have intellect because they are first-class, and it does not mean that they have high intelligence. Knowledge cannot improve intelligence. Knowledge and intelligence are completely different things.

'First-class'persons in any field have utility value for mass media commercialism is easy to use. And those who are weak to authority judge people and things by it. But it has no meaning to a real first-class human being.

Many of these first-class people put their profit and loss first and make every effort to make themselves seem 'big' and 'first-class' by pretending to have substance even if they don't. They believe that the knowledge they have gained from their small world of experience and the 'facts' and 'reality' they see through their filter are the only 'truth' and that there is no other truth.

The influence of these people, who have made a name for themselves and put on a 'real' or 'leading' face, is strong and dangerous, misleading and leading people in the wrong direction, but the public cannot see through this and, on the contrary, admire and follow them.

Intelligence of humanity has declined, and as a result, they can no longer 'think for themselves.' They do not analyze and sort out information themselves, nor do they intend to know the truth.

No matter what information we are informed about, including world affairs, international issues, politics, economics, and social issues, most people believe as it is what they see, hear, or read. They do not even try to see the big picture, or rather, they cannot see the whole picture. They tend to make judgments by knowing or seeing only parts or results that appear in front of them. They do not analyze and sort through this information on their own, and they are easily deceived because they make no effort to seek out further information on their own and gather accurate ones.

People can't tell whether the cause/effect of the problem is correct, the truth, or 'made the fact,' so they easily believe it every time they know the information. They don't know the big picture, the causes, and the reasons for things. They don't know the 'facts' behind the problem, why the problem occurred (cause, who, why, what for...).

They tend to judge 'good and evil' based on their feelings. Also, if they evaluate people, things, and phenomena based only on good and evil, they cannot see whether the truth or it was made intentionally. The truth always hides behind. We can never know from the surface of problems.

They cannot distinguish between facts (the truth) and facts that are intentionally created truths or good and evil, and they believe the information itself. Whatever information they receive, they never judge accurately any information or news. They decide what is good or evil based on their interests and convenience concerning the facts they see. They assume that what is profitable for them is the truth and good. What is inconvenient for them is considered false and evil.

No matter who holds a professional position or office or who is an ordinary person, they will not accept anything that is beyond their understanding, nothing that is beyond their common sense, nothing that upsets their beliefs, nothing that contradicts their assertions, nothing that encroaches on their territory, and nothing that would result in a loss of their profit. They desperately try to defend themselves by denying it.

It does not matter whether it is the 'truth' or not, but they don't want the truth to come out, which is their real intention, and they are most afraid of losing their place in the world.

Human beings' 'standards of judgment' on things are lax, and they have lost eyes to see the truth.

The truth always hides n the background.

Human beings can no longer learn from history or their own experiences, and they live their lives by constantly repeating the same things.

Most of them live their lives without elevating themselves. They are reacting to meaningless and worthless things, taking an interest in them, and making a fuss.

They continue to spend money on things that degrade their consciousness, humiliate themselves, and in the end, make their very existence meaningless and worthless.

They are willing to spend their money and precious time on meaningless things meaningless, and they don't think such things corrupt them. Things and behavior that corrupt them are that they think it seems good, like, and beautiful to themselves. As long as the emotions at that time are satisfied, then they are happy.

It becomes the most important, treasured, and rewarding thing for them to live for, and its acquisition and achievement becomes their primary goal. Such people protect themselves with such things to protect themselves.

Sports, films, TV programs, events, music, concerts, games, hobbies, sightseeing, excursions, entertainment, and other leisure-time pursuits - have meaning if they are seen as a 7passing phase' in the human experience of life.

Although some of the content and quality can be beneficial, the problem is that people place this type of entertainment at the top of their priority list and immerse themselves in it without paying attention to its content and quality. They end up doing just that for the rest of their lives. The purpose of life is to enjoy life, life is for enjoyment, and they need to enjoy life more as if they are enslaver of such things.

Human beings only think only playing. They are only interested in the kind of entertainment. They do not want to know or understand the true meaning of living. They enjoy living according to their instincts. In other words, they do not want to grow from a child to an adult, but they want to be a child forever.'

Such people do not ask questions such as 'something is wrong,' 'I want to know the truth' or 'Where is the truth?' They don't even think about 'does what I choose to do meaningful,' 'Is what I am doing necessary?' or 'Is it necessary?' Furthermore, they do not think about life itself. They do not ask why they have chosen a life of meaningless wandering.

The current state of their destiny, the state of their surroundings, and the state of society, they say, “This is not supposed to happen....,' 'How did this happen?' and 'I want to get back to my life soon.' The cycle repeats itself. They do not realize that these are the results of their way of life. They repeat themselves because they have no 'true reflection.

Reflection - learn mistakes from that experience, admit them, and change the way of life from the moment. It is not the regret, nor does it darken the one's heart and blame himself. It is not a series of arranging words of repentance.

Reflection does not take time. A momentary realization leads to a 'course correction' or 'change of course' in a person's way of life. That is 'true reflection.

People who have lost their mental compass. People who have no clear purpose in life and cannot set goals. People who do not know the direction of their efforts. Their hearts are always anxious and they lack true confidence. To counteract this, they repeatedly defend and defend themselves, and they begin to live their lives momentarily. The only way to live is to continually seek temporary emotional satisfaction. They deceive themselves, deceive others, deceive themselves, and mend the surface.

They spend their time on things that have no meaning, things that are not necessary, and end up spending their entire lives on them. Humanity did not understand how meaningless and unnecessary things are.

Humanity has lost the direction of life, has no purpose in life, has become blind in mind, and cannot see or hear anything. They just keep wandering aimlessly.

Have people ever thought about what they exist on this earth? Have they ever seriously considered the meaning and the purpose of existence, the significance and the value of their existence, and how they should live as human beings?

If human beings in our lives have a purpose, set goals correctly, have the right priorities, and have lived 'seriously' in the right direction of effort with willpower, the present crisis circumstance does not exist.

Human beings have enjoyed life under the development of material civilization. However, they don't know the essence of substance/material (included money). They do not understand 'material' itself. Because they wanted material too much and put weight on them, human beings fell into secular. The material itself is not wrong at all. There is no sin in the material. Human beings should have thought deeply more bout how to utilize.

Money and matter are thankful, and humankind cannot survive without them. However, using materials for emotional satisfaction and giving too much priority to material life, and as a result, human beings are now too secular. Many go on the wrong path in their life. They do not know it is a dead end.

Even if a large-scale disaster causes suffering, grief, and tragedy to many people, or even death to many people, for those who are not victims, as long as they are not directly affected, it is someone else's problem. They may feel sympathy, and everything is ultimately a matter to other people.

Whenever wars, civil wars, terrorist attacks, and conflicts occur in other countries, and many people are killed in these wars and conflicts, we are always in our own safe, painless, and protected environment, shouting 'Peace, peace' and 'No war!' People who take part in flashy events and ceremonies with words like 'Don't let terrorism defeat us....' People who want to 'do what I can do now' and 'cooperate!' I want to do something helpful,' and many people start various independent support activities.

However, such actions and acts do not mean that war and terrorism will be completely eliminated and the world will become peaceful. It ends up being a mere performance for self-satisfaction. There is no beyond.

Of course, it is better to do acts and actions with good intentions than not to do them. But, even if many of those small acts of goodwill gather all, they will never lead to a real solution to the problem. There is no real solution to the problems there.

Instead, what such people do is disperse the problem itself. Their acts and actions of so-called 'ignorant good intentions' or 'wrong sense of justice' lead away from the path to a solution.

Over 99.99% of humanity is bystanders, irresponsible people, and are not interested in anything other than issues directly related to them. The only thing they keep in mind is to be able to continue to enjoy their lives or not. They are only thinking about it. It is precisely the same even if the situation changes. Their only interest their daily lives happily. Their top priority is their happiness. Human beings have repeated such a way of life over and over again.

In a word, humanity has continued to be ignorant, self-centered, and selfish. The result is the state of the world today. The human race never changes even if the result' has appeared.

By continuing such living, they don't think or imagine what their future will be like or what kind of future awaits them. Not changing ways of life means that they don't care what their results (the total outcome of their destiny) will be.

Maintaining the status quo way of life can only lead to the lowest possible outcome. Maintain the status quo has no future.

On this earth that has become a world of disorder, it is unlikely that any human being will rise to raise his consciousness and that of humanity.

Human beings have lived without paying attention to things and without thinking about important issues for human beings. They have not been what they should do, and they gave top priority only to what is convenient for them. As a result, the current state of human beings has become irreparable, and the crisis on the earth has been that it cannot support itself and is about to exceed its limit.

There are two poles in everything in the entire universe kept in balance, and it is the same in our human world, this imbalance won't last long, and everything will collapse. It is inevitable, and now, just now, is the beginning of the result. Still, humanity does not awake. Still, human beings want to enjoy entertainment.

Human beings still want nothing but to play. They are only interested in entertainment. They do not think about what the results in their future will be or what will be waiting for them. Even if the result comes out, human beings will not change anything as usual. Not changing the way of life means that it doesn't matter what the end of their lives is.

All human beings must choose between 'hope' and 'difficulty.' If they change their ways of life, 'hope' is waiting for them, and if they don't change their way of life, 'difficulty' is waiting for them.

Intellect and Wisdom

In our DNA, you have everything for the growth of your consciousness. We can know the path that humans should go and follow.

Intellect (Intelligence)

Ability to excel in 'thinking ability', 'understanding ability', and 'judgment ability'

1. Ability to truly understand DNA of self

2. Ability to understand humanity's DNA (the basis of life and an advanced program for growth to higher levels)

3. Ability to know the 'truth' and understand the 'truth'

4. Ability to face reality and identify the 'essence' of things

5. Ability to judge the situation correctly and to have accurate priorities

6. Ability to think constructively

7. Ability to properly use logical thinking and realistic thinking

8. Ability to always see and think things in total (whole) and judge things looking ahead

9. Ability to see thorough the meaning behind of the problem

10. Ability to instantly determine whether the situation changes (leads to the best results, produces the best results) depending on the words (or actions, actions) that one speaks

11. Ability to recognize a person's humanity

12. Ability to understand the reason why 'good' and 'evil' exist and the 'role (work)' of both

13. Ability to understand the meaning of 'beauty' and 'ugliness'

14. Ability to distinguish between a person with true intelligence and genuine confidence and a'person who appears respectable on the surface but lacks substance' without preconceived notions or prejudices about the person

15. Ability to understand that anything else is worthless and meaningless, except to raise and the consciousness of ourselves and humanity


Ability to get a glimpse of 'the truth of the universe (supreme wisdom)' that continues 'evolution, improvement, and expansion' toward 'higher perfection 'never-ending completion,' and 'everlasting goal' through one's own 'intelligence'

'Intelligence' and 'wisdom' with infinite stages. How far can a human raise his 'intelligence' and make 'profound wisdom' his own, and how far human can grow, there is a true joy in that effort, and that joy is never-ending.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

In front of us, there are only two paths: a path of growth (going up) and a path of retreat (going down). Life consists of a series of moments, and at each moment there are two options, a path of growth and a path of regression, and we always choose between them.

Those who wish to 'evolve and improve their consciousness' are able to make instantaneous decisions to apply to their own growth, and understand that the accumulation of these choices will lead them to live in the time axis of the 'future now (present self).

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

If we can change and raise our consciousness, we can awaken to the "truth" that exists in all things, know our true priorities, and find solutions to any problem. We can change this "disordered world" into an "ordered world.

If we can change and raise our consciousness, we can awaken to the "truth" that exists in all things, know our true priorities, and find solutions to any problem. We can change this "disordered world" into an "ordered world.

Ayako Susa
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