Freedom and Responsibility
Cause and Result

Freedom and Responsibility

Human beings have been living having the desire to be rich and to be happy. People in the world have sought material affluence, freedom, and emotional satisfaction, and they sacrificed many things on earth. Still, we want to enrich lot more our lives in this material world.

We knew from the beginning that if this situation continues, it will fall into the state facing the present earth and humankind as serious environmental destruction problems. We could easily imagine it. But, humans did nothing. Besides, people have prioritized their material desires and pleasures. Enjoying life" is the basis of life, and it is always the highest priority for us, and we continue this way of lives until now.

"Someone will do the rest. We don't have to do it." We don't want to do anything." "I don't want to take responsibility." "I don't have to do." Seeking material wealth, wanting to play, wanting to have fun. I want to make my life more convenient. If I had more money, I want to live comfortably, and so on. Those are their basis in their lives.

Also, a lot of people have their profit as their top priority. Their primary purposes in their lives are to get status, to obtain money by succeeding, to be famous, to be noticed, to be praised, and so on. There are also people, "I content with only my family's happiness. That's all. I don't want any other things. I have no interests in my life." or "I don't want anything, and I just want to live." and so on.

No matter what they want their aims for in their lives, it is freedom indeed. In all things, "it is freedom!" It is always their basis, and human beings have lived with that "freedom" in the foreground.

There is "freedom to choose" in everything, including "freedom of actions or speech" for emotional satisfaction" and "freedom of thinking nothing and not act".

A lot of people seem to think about "free" that is "freedom without responsibility," "no responsibility because free," "freedom is free because there is no responsibility," "freedom is fun and happy," and "freedom is comfortable." They think that the state of freedom that they choose lasts forever. It's also free to think so.

However, people should remember the "freedom" that the person chose always comes the result that must be taken responsibility for, no matter how trivial.

The fate we are facing now is the results and the result of that "freedom of choice." I was doing everything freely. But they dislike this result. "I'm suffering, sad, hard." Even if they become in such status, their way of life doesn't change. But, in the end, they are forced to take all responsibility.

The result in life is the fruit of the seeds you sowed, and you have the duty and responsibility to reap. If you sow good seeds, they will become ears of rice that bear fruit of many times greater joy and hope, and they can reap them yourself.

Cause and Result

Technology on the earth has made tremendous progress in recent decades. Science and technology and industrial technology have developed, and our lives have become more convenient than we expected. Also, in many fields, each engineering has made great strides and enriched human life. There is no doubt that we have made the most of our human brains, spared no effort, and made progress, but what about the human side?

Did human beings make progress? Or are humans progressing? Have humans improved as human beings? Human progress is, of course, internal and mental. Unfortunately, there is no evolution or improvement of humans' spirit or consciousness, and it can say that human beings have no intention or effort to grow and progress. Still now.

No human being is making a real, correct effort. Everyone "lives their lives hard, hard, hard," but "doesn't live every moment seriously." There is a difference between "hard" and "seriously" as much as heaven and earth. By working hard to achieve the destination or make the dream comes true. If he gets result, but that is not the real result.

There are a lot of people who are working hard. But if their goals or dreams are for their owns benefit, such as ambition, desire, vanity, competitiveness, fame, and high praise, then Even if realized, its glory will not last long. Sooner or later, they will lose everything, which is meaningless "wealth" "success" and "glory" will disappear like bubbles.

If motives, starting points, and priorities are not correct, everything will not go on correctly. Even if people think they are making an effort, the direction of that effort is already different.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Have ever human beings thought for what they are living? Have they ever seriously thought about the purpose, meaning, worth value, self-existence as a human being? Almost people ever wondered why they are on this earth?

If human beings in our lives have the purpose, set goals correctly, have the right priorities, and have lived "seriously" in the right direction of effort, the present crisis circumstance does not exist.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Human beings enthusiastic about expanding the amount of "knowledge" that decorates their surface, but the existence of "intellect/intelligence" that should be inside is too thin, and there are too many people who cannot feel it at all. This status is that humankind cannot expect a bright future.

Human beings enthusiastic about expanding the amount of "knowledge" that decorates their surface, but the existence of "intellect/intelligence" that should be inside is too thin, and there are too many people who cannot feel it at all. Unfortunately, under this circumstance, humankind cannot expect a bright future.

No matter how much people study or research or even a professional in any field or reigning at the highest level, they seem to be no intelligence. No matter how they have a lot of knowledge, superior in technology, competent, or be excellent, they do not necessarily have intellect. Even if persons have labels of "first-class" on them, their "intelligence" is not high. There is no intelligence. There is only Self-revealing desire and a sense of superiority.

Just because having a lot of knowledge does not mean that they have intellect and because they are first-class, it does not mean that they have high intelligence. Knowledge cannot improve intelligence. Knowledge and intelligence are completely different things, and there is no point of contact between them.

The "first-class" is valuable and easy to use for the commercialism of the mass media and is accepted by people of the same level who are vulnerable to the word "first-class," and such people are easily deceived. It has only such a meaning. Also, the definition of "first-class" is ambiguous, and there is no basis or support, and it does not mean for a real first-class human being.

These "first-class" people put their profits first, and to do so, they spare no effort to pretend to be content and make themselves look big. And, he believes that the "knowledge" he has learned and the narrow "reality" he sees are all and that only what he has gained through that filter is the "truth."

Such persons are famous all over the world as"the person" and "first-class." The influence these people give off is so strong and mislead people and lead them in the wrong direction, but they are unaware of that fact, and on the contrary, it is the general public who praises and follows.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Intellect and the thinking ability of humankind as a whole have declined, and as a result, humans can no longer "think for themselves." They don't want to think. If everyone says good, they say yes, choose the same thing, and take the same action. I don't want to think about anything. They do not analyze and sort out information themselves, nor do they try to know the truth. Human beings can no longer learn from experience. They repeat the same thing.

The truth always hides behind. We can never know from the surface of problems.

Human beings can no longer learn from history or their own experiences, and they live their lives by constantly repeating the same things.

Human beings are easy to be instigated, and they cannot determine that big picture. Most people do not analyze and do not sort out any information that brings us. No matter what the information we are informed about, including world affairs, political and economic issues, and social issues, most people do not understand, analyze, or sort that information themselves, They cannot distinguish whether the cause of the problem is truth or the fact created on purpose. And it is easily deceived by that reality (video) in front of us.

They are willing to spend their money and precious time on things meaningless what they don't think such things corrupt them. Things and behavior that corrupt them are that they think it seems to be the best, favorite, beautiful for themselves. As long as the emotions at that time are satisfied, then they are happy.

Live life without thinking anything, without self-enhancing, believing that meaningless and worthless things have the highest value, and they are pursuing and sticking to it. They are sure that they can only protect themselves by living a life surrounded by such things. They are willing to waste a lot of money and precious time generously on these things. That is humanity.

Most human beings have no compasses in their hearts, and they do not understand the right way of effort. They are always anxious and have no confidence. To counteract that, they are always doing self-defense, self-defense. Human beings live the moment way of life. They can only live in a way that seeks the moment emotional satisfaction. They deceive themselves, guard the surface.

Human beings spend their time, their whole lives on meaningless things, and they end their lives. They did not understand "meaningless" is "how much it is meaningless." Be aware of it, know it, and truly understand it. That is the starting point.

Entertainment, so-called sports, dance, music, movies, TV shows, events, concerts, games, excursions, etc., are meaningless. It depends on the quality. There is no problem if they regard it as one passing point in human life, but human beings place entertainment as the priority in life, and they immerse in it. The problem is that people are living as if they were enslaved to such things.

The first thing to ask yourself is whether what humans like and enjoy, what you are doing hard, and what they are choosing is meaningful. When you notice, know, and truly understand it, that is the starting point of your life. (* This sentence is not necessary for those who only think about themselves, those who can stay as they are, and those who do not want to take responsibility for their lives in the results.)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Human beings have enjoyed life under the development of material civilization. However, t they don't know the essence of the substance(included money). They do not understand the "substance" itself. He seeks material too much and puts too much emphasis on it so that human beings fall into material greed, material, physical, materialism. The substance itself is not wrong at all. There is no sin in the material. The way of thinking, handling, and utilizing human material was incorrect.

As a result of giving top priority to matter and material life for emotional satisfaction, many human beings who have become swayed by material and dominated by substance are now at the greed. They chose the wrong way to live. Their paths they are going are the dead end.

If this world exists kept by balance, the state of imbalance cannot last long, and everything inevitably collapses, and now we can see the result. It is the beginning coming of those results. Still, human beings do not wake up.

Human beings still want nothing but to play. They are only interested in entertainment. They do not think about what their future will be or what will be waiting in their futures. Even if the result comes out, human beings will not change anything as usual. Not changing the way of life means that it doesn't matter what the end of their lives is.

Now, all humankind must choose between "hope" and "difficulty." If they change their ways of life, "hope" is waiting for them, and if they don't change their way of life, "difficulty" is waiting for them.

Intellect / Wisdom

I. Intellect/Intelligence

Ability to truly understand DNA of self

A. Ability to identify humans' DNA

B. Ability to excel in "thinking ability", "understanding ability", and "judgment ability"

C. Ability to face reality and identify the "essence" of things

D. Ability to think constructively

E. Ability to properly use logical thinking and realistic thinking

F. Ability to know the "truth" and understand the "truth"

G. Ability to solve by seeing the big picture of things

H. Ability to see thorough the meaning behind of the problem

I. Ability to instantly determine if your words lead to results

J. Ability to see through "human's nature"

K. Ability to understand the reason why "good" and "evil" exist and the "role (work)" of both

L. Ability to understand the meaning of "beauty" and "ugliness"

M. Ability to accurately distinguish between "genuine" and "fake"

N. Ability to determine whether it is necessary or not for the growth of one's consciousness

Stages of intellect are endless, and there is the eternal joy of how far a human can improve his intellect and how far he can grow.

II. Wisdom
Ability to be possible a glimpse of one scale of the ever-expanding "truth of the universe" and "the never-ending perfection" through the raised "intellect."

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

There are only two paths in front of us: "Go forward" and "Go backward." Life consists of the continuation of moments. Two choices of "an opportunity which can grow" and "stagnation or retrogression" exist in each moment.

Those who wish growth of their consciousness can instantaneously choose a thing that helps them grow. They know the accumulation of those selections is making their present, future situations, and their fate.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

If we change and raise our consciousness higher and higher, we will know the real priority and find a way to solve even any problems.

Raise and progress your consciousness - that will make it possible to awaken to the truth that exists in everything. Then, we can change this disorderly world into an orderly world.

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