Freedom and Responsibility / Cause and Result

Human beings have long pursued the desire to be a material richness materially enrich their lives and live happy lives. People have sought material affluence, freedom, and emotional satisfaction, and many things on earth became sacrifices to achieve it. Still, we want to enrich our lives in this material world.

We knew from the beginning that if this situation continues, it will fall into the state facing the present earth and human beings as serious environmental destruction problems. We could easily imagine it. But, humans did nothing. Besides, people have prioritized their material desires and pleasures. Enjoying life" is the basis of life, and it is always the highest priority for us, and we continued until now.

"Someone will do the rest. We don't have to do it." "We don't want to do anything." "I don't want to take responsibility." "I don't have to do." Seeking material wealth, wanting to play and have fun, they want to make their lives more convenient. If they had more money, they want to live comfortably, and so on. Those are their basis in their lives.

"I want to be famous." "I want to take a high position." "I want authority." or there are people who want to get attention, wanting to be praised by many people. While on the contrary, "I content with only my family's happiness. That's all. I don't want any other things. I have no interests in my life." "I don't want anything, and I just want to live." and so on.

No matter what they want their aims for in their lives, it is freedom indeed. In all things, "it is freedom!" It is always their basis, and human beings have lived with that "freedom" in the foreground. Have you completely forgotten the phrase "With freedom comes responsibility" or is it already a dead language? The "freedom" that the person chooses always come to results that must be taken responsibility for, no matter how trivial.

The fate human being is facing now is the result, and the result of that "freedom." Even if that result is painful, sad, too bad, he doesn't change the way of life. However, in the end, he will take responsibility all.


Technology on the earth has made tremendous progress in recent decades. Science and technology and industrial technology have developed, and our lives have become more convenient than we expected. Technology has made great strides in many fields and had contributed to human beings, but what about humans? Did human beings make progress? Or are humans progressing? Human beings did not evolve nor improve themselves at all until now. Still now.

Have ever human being thought for what they are living? Has he ever seriously thought about the purpose, meaning, worth value, self-existence as a human being? Has he ever wondered why he is on this planet? He never thinks of it, and he doesn't know why. He always has anxiety, and he doesn't have real confidence, so he seeks emotional satisfaction. Deceive yourself and others. Make it look all right in front of people. Decorate the surface.

Human beings live in material abundance. And they believe; It's safe to live with same as others. It's okay if you can own what is popular as people have. It's okay if the family is healthy and can live long. If they can enjoy their lives, that's fine.

Live life without thinking anything, without enhancing yourself, believing that meaningless and worthless things have the highest value, and pursuing them. Stick to it. They can only protect themselves by living a life surrounded by such things. They are willing to spend money and precious time generously on these things, but they don't think so. That is humanity. No one is making a real effort. Even if you make an effort, the direction is different.

If this world exists kept by balance, the state of imbalance cannot last long, and everything inevitably collapses, and now we can see the result. It is the beginning coming of those results. Still, humanity does not wake up.


* Humans lose sight of the direction of life. They have no purpose, cannot see anything, cannot hear anything. He keeps wandering around without a destination. The truth is, he can no longer know the real thing. No, he doesn't want to know, nor they don't even try to find the truth. That is humanity.

* The result has come out. Still, people don't notice anything even though the reality is the result in front of them.

* Humans repeat the same thing. Even if he falls directly on himself, a change happened, suffering and forced to live an inconvenient life, and when things settled down, he becomes wanting to play again.

* Human beings always repeat it. Repeat forever. We humans do not learn anything from their experiences. The way of life was 180 degrees upside down. People lack self-monitoring ability, and they don't introspect before the results come out. Never does he do it forever. They repeated self-defense. Humans don't live their lives seriously.

* The current state of our lives and the situation in the world are "It is not the situation that I expected." "Why did this happen?" "I want to get back to my original life quickly." Most people don't think it the result of their way of life. They repeat because there is no true reflection. Reflection means that man learned the mistake he made, and he changes the way of life from that moment.

* The result in life is the fruit of the seeds you sowed, and you have the duty and responsibility to reap.

* "Believe in images (visible things, things) " "Weak memory and easy to forget" "Not think oneself " " Lack of learning ability " - That is human beings now.

* There are always only two ways in front of us: "go forward" and "go backward." Life is made by the continuous of moments and moments. In each moment, there are two options, "path of growth" and "path of stagnation/retreat". Those who wish to evolve and improve their consciousness can instantly make choices to utilize in their growth and understand that the accumulation of those choices will create the present self and the future self.


If we could change and raise our consciousness higher and higher, we would be able to know the real, the true priority and to find a way to solve even any problems.

Raising and Evolving Consciousness - that will make it possible to awaken to the truth that exists in everything. Then, we can change this disorderly world into the orderly world.


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