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Music Environment Project

Good music environment changes our consciousness and the world.


Music Environment Project conducts the project to tackle the improvement and the reform of the music environment domestic and international.

Music Environment Project contributes to the healthy growth of children and young people, the health of people's minds and bodies, and the development of social education and culture.


We had been pursuing the essence of music. - The meaning of existence, the existence value, and the role of music. We started the "Music Environment Project" to work for the improvement of the music environment and to develop.

Good quality music environment brings us spiritual affluence, joy, and harmony. Furthermore, music can raise people's consciousness, and music is the significant element that can create a more excellent society.

In various respects, the music environment influences us and our minds. Music has the power that affects human formation and personality forming. Good quality music is indispensable for the healthy growth of children and the youth in particular. We should not disregard the power of music. We should choose good quality music. The music environment fulfilling with good music quality would help to enrich education.

We wish to convey the importance of music through the actual Presenter's music activities.

People's keen interests in the global environment are rising rapidly. We contribute to the reform and development of our environment through this Music Environment Project and Presenter's music activities.⇒ Presenter's Music

Existence of Music

I. Influence of Music

Most songs and music are chosen by the people of global commercialism, and such music is sent to all over the world. People believe that music like this is good, and they become crazy about it. Music selected by mass media becomes the mainstream. However, as a result, such music does not give us good influences.

Most people don't know that there is a lot of music that pollutes their minds, and probably they never think of needing to keep them away from such music. Especially, young people choose and are listening to such music unconsciously. That's because such music has the power to attract them. Rather, people are enjoying such noisy, destructive, decadent music to escape from their reality.

Although this tendency is quite a severe problem, and that condition has been continuing for a long time, most people are not interested in this serious matter. Thinking of the influence of music on us, we cannot disregard this.

Young people intoxicate with the exciting sound, melody, and rhythm that drive them to run away from reality. It will corrupt their minds in their unconsciousness at the end, but they don't come to know it.

On the other hand, the number of people who react sensitively to the dissonant sound is increasing. When the brain feels the sound dissonance, it does not accept that sound. Sound is vibration, and it has its frequency. It enters the brain directly, but the brain refuses the unpleasant sound and feels that as the violence of sound.

We need to choose music more carefully because it has an influence. "Good Quality Music" is indispensable, especially for youth emotional education and healthy growth. Many people are influenced by the vibration of the energy of the music unconsciously.

Considering the influence of music on us seriously, we should be more careful to choose and listen to music. The energy of vibrations of the music accumulates in our brains over time, and this wave energy eventually affects the thinking ability, judgment ability, and emotion processing ability.

Unfortunately, few people consider it quite a significant matter.

"Good Quality Music" in a "Good Music Environment" brings joy, harmony, richness, energy to people's hearts in their everyday living.

Music has the power to change people's consciousness. Music is one of the significant elements to make society better, and it is also a source for creating a much better world. Therefore, the musicians' role is quite important, and they are responsible for the music they play.

Responsibility of Music

I. Power, Vibration(Wave Motion), Frequency, and Energy of Music

There are two types of music, one has good frequency, and another is the contrary of it. Music of the good wave motion raises people's consciousness and purifies their spirit. However, the music of the negative energy of rough vibration is not an exaggeration to say that it would make people's sensibility and judgement ability reduce.

When man's consciousness changed (When he raised his consciousness, and he becomes responsible for his life), he becomes interested in only things that raise his consciousness. It is also the same with music.

He feels that the negative energy of the music is uncomfortable, and his brain rejects it. Once, human brain recognizes it as an unpleasant sound, its recognition will not change. Since music is the wave motion, it has frequency respectively. Such music begins afflicting him as the violence of sound.

This kind of music makes people feel unpleasant. Unfortunately, however, most people are already accustomed to such music and the sound. They don't feel anything about it at all.

When music end playing, what remains in their hearts. How does the vibration generated by listening to the music reflect the energy in the person's consciousness and life, and how it affects the person's way of life.

Beautiful music with high vibrations put into each note brings harmony and joy to the performer and listener. Purify people's minds and spirits and raise their intellect and consciousness. that is the true music that has meaning.

II. Consciousness of performers and listeners

Importance to have a clear philosophy for the sound of music, with consciousness and responsibility for how sound of music (vibrations, waves, frequencies) play will influence the listener

Music performance by a performer having a high sense of purpose

In a genre of music, there is a tendency to appreciate musicians who perform accurately according to the score without making any difference. But, musicians are not just technicians who play with musical instruments according to the score.

The height of the spirit appears in the music. The music played by a person with high-spirit sounds in listeners' hearts beautifully.

Sense and level of consciousness of the listeners who receive (feel) the music decide that it would be popular.

Music will change depending on the sense of purpose of the music performers and the listeners. Depending on the sense of purpose of listeners and players to the music, that will change.

III. The sense of purpose, consciousness and responsibility for music.

What kind of influence does the energy of music have on people?

The influence of the music one play on the listeners.

If a musician plays music in business, the listener will react as a business.

The music listening to was popular, and he felt that it was good. However, when his consciousness changes, he loses interest in the music he listened. Moreover, as the person becomes more conscious, the music he is interested in changes.

Music traps to listen to just for your taste - When you listen to music that satisfies the emotions of stress relief and energy conversion, or when one listens to destructive music, you become emotionally unstable and have destructive emtion. Embrace Music for self-pity drives oneself more and more, and music that sings sadness and suffering invites such things to one's destiny.

IV. What does music convey?

It is not just about having fun. It's not just about bringing a moment of happiness or joy in the scene.

It is not just for stress relief and uplifting feelings.

It is not just about temporarily escaping reality.

It is not just about projecting oneself into lyrics and melodies and mercy on oneself.

It is not just about sharing the feelings (singing loneliness, emptiness, sadness, and suffering) of the moment.

It is not just for healing and relaxation.

How the vibration generated by the music while listening to the music reflects the energy in the person's consciousness and life. What remains in his mind when he finishes listening to the music, and how it will influence the way of his life.

Beautiful music with high vibrations put into each note brings harmony and joy to the performer and listener. Purify people's minds and spirits and raise their intellect and consciousness. It can say that it is the real music that has the meaning of existence.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

How the vibration generated by the music while listening to the music reflects the energy in the person's consciousness and life. What remains in his mind when he finishes listening to the music, and how it will influence the way of his life.

Music Environment Project hopes to work with many people to carry out various projects to restore dreams and hopes for people, joy and harmony for families, justice and affluence for the society, and order.

Music has its role and responsibility.

Music and Global Environmental Problems

A lot of people are interested in, agree with, stand up to the global environmental issues that are visible and appearing as actual results on the earth. Those who are shouting and taking action on "global environmental issues" are passionate and making an effort to solve the specific problems and conditions on the surface. However, what they are doing seems not to get anywhere at all.

When something is happening that threatens our lives and is inconvenient, people complain and seek improvement. People think after the results have appeared. Why do they seriously see after irreparable effect? We should have known the signs many times before the results came out. But in our daily lives, we have been changed our attitudes. An and we are repeating the same thing. As a result, we are now facing this condition. "

Whether it is a global problem, such as "global warming" or "destruction of nature or resources," or any problem that's happening around us, our society, our country, it is the result of all the activities in human daily life.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Global environmental problems, which have been endangering the entire globe, cast a shadow on humankind's future, and the shadows are taking various forms and gradually expanding.

The six major problems of "global environmental problems" are visible and numerical, and we can understand them. But what was the original cause of them?

Accumulation of human thoughts, behaviors, and actions in daily life, choices, wrong priorities, casual and unconscious actions, conscious and intentional actions in our daily lives. For better or worse, everything will eventually come to fruition depending on each.

Can we think of nothing until the results are available? Why do you make noise after you get irreparable results? We did not do anything, even though there should have seen the signs many times before the results came out. We did not change the attitude to life. We have lived without any doubt in our daily lives of repeating the same thing. As that proof of that, we are now facing this situation.

The true cause and reason lurks in the invisible, invisible, in the depths, where no one cares, does not think. You need to realize that. Why did that happen? Where is the cause? If you take each one seriously and correctly, you will find that there was a cause in unexpected.

The relationship between global environmental issues and music, which has been described so far, becomes clear when we focus on music with negative energy that has continued to influence human thinking and judgment.

"Global environmental problems" are "caused by the inability of nature to repair environmental changes due to the increasing influence of humans' activities, but this crisis' situation around the world is not limited to "global environmental problems. Now we are facing another crisis.

Freedom and Responsibility / Cause and Result / Intellect and Wisdom

Business Plan

Business Contents

A. Business related to concert activities in Japan and overseas

1. Concert activities to change and raise the consciousness of people. Various types of concert activities in the world.

2. Reform the consciousness of people to music and the music environment.

3. Lecture about remediation program of music environment.

4. Other

B. Business related to the improvement of mental environment and creation of an orderly society

1. An environment where our hearts and lives filled with good music

2. Music environment improvement program
Activities to prepare the music environment, concert activities
Home with music, parents-child communication, heartwarming home, their strong bond
Planning proposals and music activities to enhance the music environment in public facilities, public spaces, public facilities, stores, hotels, commercial facilities, companies, etc.

3. Other

C. Business related to promotion of music education reform in educational settings

1. Improvement and enhancement of music education in compulsory education.
Music activities for planning, proposing, and realizing the improvement of music lessons in educational settings

2. Other businesses related to music education

D. Business related to music promotion as environmental therapy

1. Environmental therapy with music.
Music therapy gives people's physical and mental illnesses and those who fight their illnesses joy and the power to live.
Music therapy for children and the youngest in social withdrawal and autism. etc.
Provide BGM music to homes, schools for the blind, hospitals, elderly homes, various medical facilities, etc.
Music performance activities (invitations, visits, charity concerts, etc.)

2. Other

E. Business related to the development and enhancement of music therapy and music education in developing countries

1. Concert activity to bring joy to children in developing countries.
Concerts and improvement of music environment

2. Reform of people's consciousness
To improve music education
To reform the music environment
To reform the consciousness of people

3. Other

F. Business related to the establishment and operation of music classes and music schools

1. The basics of music accurately and the truth of music
Foster performers who play high-quality music and music that uplifts people's hearts, rather than musicians who tend to be biased toward playing techniques.

2. Fostering musicians who play music that raises people's consciousness and brings joy and harmony

3. Other

G. Business related to book publishing

1. Publication of books on Music
Music that raises people's consciousness and enriches their minds and spirits, music that brings joy and harmony.

2. Music that robs the future of humankind and music that creates the future of humankind
Power of music, and the influence of music on people's hearts.
The power of music destroys the environment.
Music and the living environment

3. Publish books about Music Environment Project.

4. Other

H. Business related to the opening and operation of broadcasting stations

1. Open and operation of FM radio and Internet radio
Production and distribution of original music programs

2. Other

I. Business related to video production

1. Movie production and distribution
Introduction of "Music Environment Project" activities
The influence of music on people, the power of music

2. Other

J. Business related to the construction and operation of concert venues

1. Construction and operation of an original concert hall
Always hold concerts by musicians who play good quality music

2. Other

K. Other projects necessary to achieve the purpose of this projec

Freedom and Responsibility / Cause and Result / Intellect and Wisdom

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